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Tom Fuller Band - Abstract Man CD


New & Sealed Digipack CD.
Tom Fuller is from Chicago and makes the kind of music that makes adult men flock to Tom Petty, John Hiatt and Michael Penn - straight-head rock that makes guys strut about in the kitchen with an air guitar.
Conditions: New
Genre: Rock / Pop
Label: Fontana Records
Date: 2008
Catalogue Num: MESA252
Features: Digipack
Format: CD
Case: Cardboard

01. Radio Man
02. Lollipop Guild
03. Sunglass Wardrobe
04. Only In America
05. Abstract Man
06. Air That I Breathe
07. Dragon Fight
08. Midnight Pass
09. Colour Of The Wind
10. Tomorrow Morning
11. Emerald Land
12. Between The Lines
13. All I Ever Wanted
14. Franklin Street

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