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The Tempter - Turpis Rex


New & Sealed.
Double clear vinyl gatefold sleeve.
Compilation of previously unreleased songs recorded in 2010.
Tracks are listed sequentially.

Genre: Metal
Label: Dissonance Productions
Date: 2019
Catalogue Num: BOBV644LVPTD
Features: Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve, Double Album
Format: Vinyl
Country: UK

A1. Hieromantie
A2. Union Exitus
A3. Klerus
B1. Elissa
B2. Manifestation (The Oath Of Turpitude)
B3. Deus Artisan
C1. Endsin VII
C2. Lamentdea
C3. Realm Of Iconstars
D1. Angelus
D2. Cilice
D3. Vorum

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