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Record Stock

  • Do you have a shop I can visit?

Yes, we have! The Festival Trade Music stall has a permanent place at Cirencester Markets (Fridays) and Bristol St. Nicholas Market (Saturdays) (end of Corn Street) We do some casual markets and events too! For more information and how to find us, visit our Facebook events page.

  • Do you have more stock available?

Yes! The Festival Trade stall has a stock of records and CDs for the markets and a different stock online. Both market and online shops have different stock coming in every week. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact us.

  • What music genres do you stock?

We have many music genres available but our main focus on records is Rock / Indie/ Electronic / Punk/ Hip-Hop/Jazz / Blues / Old times / Metal and Various Artists. We stock many collectable vinyl and limited editions. On CD, we have many other genres available too.

  • Do you buy used records/vinyl collections / CDs?

Yes! You can bring your collection to us at one of our permanent markets or contact us and we will come and visit you. (Sell your record collection)

  • Why can't I buy more than one copy of some items?

We do not stock quantities of the same record or CD but if it is not in stock, we can always order for you.

  • Why do the used records have a black frame around them?

As they are used records, we want our customers to see the cover conditions.


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