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Vinyl Artwork F.A.Q

  • Can you commission a bespoke vinyl art portrait?

Yes! We can create a portrait out of a photo you have or any other image.

  • How long will it take to create bespoke artwork?

It takes between one and two weeks! This is because the image will need to be hand-drawn and all the shadows need to be connected before we can actually start to cut the image to frame.

  • What prices do you have for personal bespoke work?

The first personal bespoke portrait is £100 and will be exclusive and unique for you only. Any other reproductions after the first one will be at the price of £55. For example, if you only order a portrait of a family member or your own band, the first and only work will be £100. After that, if you order 3 or 4 of the same the price will come down to £55.

  • Can you make a portrait of my favourite band?

Yes, if you want a portrait of your favourite artist or band that is not in our catalogue, it will cost an extra £10 for the image set-up. Contact us and let us know.

  • Why do you have different prices for bespoke artwork?

A personal photo portrait or family photo will be a one-off and we will not reproduce it again unless you request it. if it is an artist or band portrait not in stock, we will reproduce more to sell later on our website and in markets!

  • Do you post artwork and records to Europe and other parts of the world?

Yes, we do! All our products are well packaged and boxed.


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