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Festival Trade Shop takes the privacy of its customers very seriously, and we will treat your data with respect. We will only collect information in order to fulfil customer orders, provide information via our email new release lists, personalise your shopping experience on the website. We do not sell mailing lists or share customer information with any other companies or individuals.

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Payments are made true PayPal and we only have access to your:
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* Information collected
To place an order, we require your name, email address, delivery address.
Once the payment has been processed, your credit card security code is retained on PayPal servers and we have no access.
To enable your order to be delivered, we must share your contact details with the selected postal carrier.
If you contact us with a query, we will record your name, email address and, optionally, your order number and post/zip code, for the purposes of resolving your enquiry.
Paypal Privacy Policy

* News Letter
We use Feedburner to send newsletters from our website. This is automatic send to you by Feedburner part of Google services. We have no control over the newsletter and you will only receive one, once we have made a new post on the Festival Trade website. You only receive this newsletter if you ad your email address to Feedburner.
We do not have any access to this information.
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* Cookies
As you browse the www.festival-trade.com website, cookies may be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in. Our display information partner is google analytics and we do not retain any data.
The technique google analytics employ do only allowed us to see the movement on the website and other internal analysis related to website views.
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* Security
The website is secured with an SSL Certificate, so you can be sure that your activity cannot be tracked by unauthorised third-parties.
All activities on the website are encrypted in your browser before they are sent to us. SSL Certificate provided by Google


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  • Handmade out of old Vinyl Records, Beautifully framed to hang on your wall. Bespoke Commissions are also available on all Vinyl.

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  • Welcome To Festival Trade Shop

    We have an extensive collection of new and sealed vinyl records and CDs.
    Catalogue records are sorted by genre and CDs by artist names.

    We also created a new fantastic and unique range of handcrafted portraits, made with old vinyl records.
    (upcycled vinyl records)
    We accept bespoke and commission work.

    From design to delivery, we want to ensure your experience is enjoyable.
    For further enquiries please email:

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