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* Mail Order
All products displayed on the web site are in stock.
Orders are sent next day by Royal Mail first class sign for post.

To order an item, simply click on the "add to cart" button next to the product and it will appear in your shopping cart. Once you have finished, you can review the contents of your cart by clicking "view cart" in the website sidebar.
Your card will be charged by Paypal.

UK delivery time is usually 1-3 days, and international delivery time 3-7 days
(for a full list of expected delivery times please visit our Delivery Times section).
We will send you an email with a proof of post number after your deliver been posted. You can check you're delivery status by visiting Royal Mail tracking and ad your prove of post number to see where is your delivery.
Royal Mail post check

NOTE: For delivery outside the UK...
Our delivery price is set up on PayPal for the UK only.
If outside the UK, you need to contact us and let us know which items you have in the basket and the country where you want the delivery to be sent. We will send you a Paypal invoice with the total price of the items PLUS the postage for the country of destination.
All parcels send for the outside UK are insured against loss, theft or damage.
In the event that you do not receive your order, or receive an order which is damaged, then we will either refund you or resend the order free of charge.

If you're in Wiltshire or the surrounding area you can pick up your parcel direct from us in any of our regular markets to avoid P&P charges.

Find us @ Markets
Contact us

* Postage
Mail Order Postage Rates
All orders are dispatched next day sent out by first class mail sign for. We will send you a proof of post number to trace your parcel.

All our Shipping prices are designed for UK & Northern Ireland only (Price = Postage)
(Our shipping prices are calculated as flat postage rate based on the total amount of the purchase).

* Price Ranges
From £0.01 GBP to £14.99 GBP
* Postal Prices

* Price Ranges
From £15.00 GBP to £44.99 GBP
* Postal Prices

* Price Ranges
From £45.00 GBP to £149.99 GBP
* Postal Prices

* Price Ranges
From £150.00 GBP to £189.99 GBP
* Postal Prices

* Price Ranges
From £190.00 GBP and up
* Postal Prices

NOTE: IF THE SHIPPING IS CHEAPER FOR YOUR ITEMS, WE WILL REFUND ANY DIFFERENCE. (Exp: The postage for 4 records is £4.50 but if you get charged more due to price range, we will refund the excess by PayPal. Same goes for our Vinyl Artwork and CDs)

By Airmail we only offer international tracked signed postal service.
This will keep us and you, safe from any damages or lost!
Please contact us before pay your items.
We will check how much will cost the International tracked and signed for, postal service to your country and we will send you an invoice with the total cost.

* Payments
Festival Trade is located in Swindon, United Kingdom.
All the orders that we receive are packed and send the next day.

We use Paypal as main payment but you can Pay without a PayPal account too.
We accept payments with Mastercard, Discover, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, American Express, Maestro card or by bank transfer.

If you like to make a bank transfer, send us an email with the order and your postal address requesting a bank transfer for payment. We will email you back with our bank details.  After the payment is a show on our account, we will post your order.

* Delivery Times
All orders are sent out the next day by first class signed for mail.
After the post, we will send you the proof of post number wish you can see/track your order on Royal Mail website.

The time that your order takes to arrive depends on your distance from the UK, and on the efficiency of your local postal service.

UK and Northern Ireland: delivery normally takes 1-3 working days.
Western Europe (excluding France & Italy): 3-5 working days.
France, Italy and Eastern Europe: 5-15 working days.
Rest of the world: 5-9 working days.

PLEASE NOTE that these times are only estimates. sending to other countries can take longer.
Depending on factors beyond our control (for example local delivery problems, and customs inspections/delays) this can take longer. Your parcel is insured against loss, theft or damage, so if you have not received your parcel within 28 days of your order confirmation email (10 days for UK customers and 6 weeks for France, Italy, South America and Africa), then you should contact us we will refund or replace the order as required.

* Customs and Import duty
If you are inside the European Union (EU) then you will never have to pay import tax on orders received from Festival Trade Shop

Other Countries
Your local customs may add import duty/local sales tax to your order when delivered.
Most countries outside the EU will allow small packages (ex. less than £30) to be delivered without additional charges, but some countries will tax your order
(usually at a rate equivalent to your local sales tax) when you receive your parcel.

If you are concerned about this, then you should contact your customs office for more information, as you will be liable for any such charges. (Not Festival Trade Shop)

Contact us

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