At the Festival Trade market outlet, you will find a wide range of new and second hands CDs and records from private’s collection.  
Standard and quality are primordial to us. So we make sure that our stock is clean, graded and the price is reflected according to condition.

We also like to promote new artists and independent labels in markets and events, not just online!
You can come and visit us at our regular markets:
* Hungerford - High Street - Every Wednesday - 8:00am to 14:00pm
* Cirencester - Market Place – Every Fridays - 8:00am to 15:00pm
* Highworth - Market Place – First and Third Saturdays - 8:00am to 13:00pm

Note: During the summer season and the festive period, we will not always be at our regular markets. Visit Facebook page event for market and festivals updates.
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Festival trade is always on the lookout for new records stock, so if you are looking to sell, please get in touch

Any artists or independent labels interested in promoting their Records or CDs through Festival Trade.
To discuss further or any enquiries, please contact festival-trade@mail.com

Buy online and pick up later.

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  • Welcome To Festival Trade Shop

    We have an extensive collection of new and sealed vinyl records and CDs.
    Catalogue records are sorted by genre and CDs by artist names.

    We also created a new fantastic and unique range of handcrafted portraits, made with old vinyl records.
    (upcycled vinyl records)
    We accept bespoke and commission work.

    From design to delivery, we want to ensure your experience is enjoyable.
    For further enquiries please email:

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    * Hungerford market - Wednesdays
    * Cirencester market - Fridays
    * Highworth market - Saturdays

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