F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions)
Here are all our questions and answers we think you would like to see answered!
For any other questions or enquires just scroll to the end of the page.

Ordering / payment

Yes. It is an option on PayPal check out page to pay by card without having to sign in or create an account.
For Bank transfer:
To: Festival Trade Shop
Account: 40961477
Sort code: 20-84-61
Ref: Your item (Specify Record, CD or Artwork)
PLEASE NOTE - If you pay by a card or bank transfer you must contact us after payment and let us know what you have purchased as we will not have any information alert about these payments.
festival-trade @ mail.com
Yes, you can! If you have placed an order already, just place another and we will ship both into the same delivery address. We will refund you any extra postage you have paid on check out page!
Yes, you can! Contact us first and let us know what you like!
Yes, you can! 07833190601
Just click the button on the sidebar of our website (View Cart) and pay at PayPal check out page.


Yes! You can pick up your item directly from us in the markets.
No ! When you buy online the postage is automatically included but we will refund you the money of post when you pick it up.
Send us a message with your payment on PayPal or email and let us know.
(festival-trade @ mail.com)
We send all our items by Royal mail in a first-class sign for with tracking number. Our Postal system is set up by price range in the UK only:
flat postage rate based on the total amount of the purchase.
Items Price: From: £0.01 -to- £14.99
Postage: £1.50
Items Price: From: £15.00 -to- £44.99
Postage: £4.50
Item Price: From: £45.00 -to- £149.99
Postage: £7.00
Item Price: From £150.00 -to- £189.99
Postage: £14.00
Item Price: From £190.00 and UP - FREE POSTAGE
Yes but you need to contact us before place your order to check prices and import taxes. After the check, we will send a Paypal invoice to your email with the total price!
(festival-trade @ mail.com)
If you are in Europe or the rest of the world and have placed your order already, we will invoice you for the subsequently postal charges before sending your order.
This is because our postal charges are set up to the UK only!
Usually in the next day. Can take 2 to 3 days if is an Artwork frame.
Check your spam folder! You should receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal. We usually send a personal email to thank you for your purchase. If this doesn't happen, contact us!
First of all, please be patient. Our shipping provider (Royal Mail) doesn't even consider an item 'lost' until 15 working days after it was posted for UK addresses, and until 21 days from postage for non-UK addresses. They won't even speak to us about it before then.
Most of the time it's just a case of checking with your neighbours or with your local sorting office.
All our post is first class signed for with a tracking number!


We accept returns! If this is damaged in the post or faulty, we will refund after the item is returned to us.
Paypal offers a free return label to costumers.
In the case of an artwork frame to be damaged in the post, please contact us and we will try to sort things out without you have to return the artwork.
(Exp; If glass or frame is broken, we always can send you a new one to replace the artwork!
That is likely not to happen but if so, contact us and we will sort something out.
OK! If that happens, PayPal offers a return label for free. After the item is returned, you can choose another item but you will have to support any extra expenses related to postage or price difference.
Anyways, contact us and we will try to sort something our the best way.

Stock / catalogue - Records CDs

All our online stock is brand new and sealed!
Yes, we have! Festival Trade Music stall have permanent spot @
Cirencester Markets (Fridays)
Highworth Market (Saturdays)
We do some other casual markets and events. For more information and how to find us visit our Markets /Festival Page:
Yes! Welcome to come around for a browse.
We have many music styles available but our main focus on records is Rock / Jazz / Blues / Old times / Metal / collectable and limited editions.
On CD, we have many other genres available t
Yes but only in markets! We have a great choice of Records and CDs pre-loved!
Yes, we do! You can bring your collection to us in one of our permanent markets or contact us and we will make you a visit!
(festival-trade @ mail.com)
We do not stock in quantities but if not in stock anymore, we can always order for you.

Stock / catalogue - Art on Vinyl

Yes! We can create a portrait out of a photo you have or any other.
It takes between one to two weeks! This is because the image will need to be hand-drawn and all the shadows need to be connected before we can actually start to cut the image to frame.
The first personal bespoke portrait is £100 and will be exclusive and unique for you only.
Any other reproductions after the first one it will be at the price of £50.
Yes we can!
If you want a portrait of your favourite artist or band that is not in our catalogue, will cost an extra £10 for the image set up.
Contact and let us know.
A personal photo portrait or family photo, it will be a one-off and we will not reproduce again unless you request it.
if is an artist or band portrait not in stock, we will reproduce more to sell later on our website and in markets!
See our Art on Vinyl page for more reference:
Usually is £7 to the UK.
Yes! If you like to send to Europe or another part of the world, contact us first and we will send you an invoice with the total price. This may include export taxes!

Artists and Labels Info

Possibly. Please email (festival-trade @ mail.com) to discuss. Generally, we only stock new/unknown artists on a 'sale or return' basis.
No! Your records or CDs stock will be available in our online shop and in our market stall too.
We will list your items on the site (email newsletter and markets) and pay you the full sells in January of each month. We will return any that don't sell back to you.
Five years maximum, due to limited storage space. If you want us to keep for a shorter period of time, specify how long you want us to stock your items.
You pay the postage to send the items (Records/CDs.) To return the items back to you, we will send you an invoice with the postal cost.
Once a year we make a stock check and send the payment to you. Please keep a record of everything you send us. It will be an easy payment if you have a PayPal account.

Accounts, security and privacy

Yes! All our transactions are made true PayPal check out page
You do not need to have an account or sign in to the website to buy!
Your privacy is respected! We do not store any personal information.
The only information we will want from you is your address and postal code at Paypal check out page to send your items.
We do not spam your email with newsletters or send you any unsolicited mail.
Yes, we do! You can sign our newsletter here:
NOTE: You will receive a verification message once you submit this form. FeedBurner activates your subscription to “Festival Trade Music Shop” only if you respond to this verification message.
(If you didn't get the verification email, please check your spam folder)
You will get:
* New Records
* New CDs
* New Art on Vinyl
All depends on the new items we post! You may get 3 or 4 newsletters in one month with the new stock coming in or you may not get any for a couple of months. It all depends on how busy we will be posting new items ;)
None! We do not store any information. All information will be kept on PayPal and will not be used.
Only one person! I am responsible for all transactions, emails, promotions and market stall.

Question not answered?

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