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Lester young the best of original hits CD

Coming to prominence while a member of Count Basie's orchestra, Young was one of the most influential players on his instrument. In contrast to many of his hard-driving peers, Young played with a relaxed, cool tone and used sophisticated harmonies, using what one critic called "a free-floating style, wheeling and diving like a gull, banking with low, funky riffs that pleased dancers and listeners alike".
Known for his hip, introverted style,Lester young invented or popularised much of the hipster jargon which came to be associated with the music.

Product Details:
Audio CD
Genre: Jazz
Number of Discs: 1
Format: cd
Label: Tim CZ
Condition: New
Price: £10
P&P: Free

Track List
Disc 1
01. Every Tub
02. One O'Clock Jump
03. Swinging The Blues
04. Jumpin' At The Woodside
05. Shoe Shine
06. The Man I Love
07. Five O'Clock Whistle
08. Broadway
09. Oh! Lady Be Good
10. Jive At Five
11. Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley
12. Mean To Me
13. All Of Me
14. Lester Leaps Again
15. Afternoon On A Basie-Ite
16. Blue Lester
27. Kate Wax - Beetles & Spider
28. Circlesquare - 7 Minutes
29. Mongrel Wireless - You And I
30. How To Cure Dyslexia - Afternoon
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