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Sandie Shaw - Me CD

Me is the second album by the British girl singer Sandie Shaw. It was released by Pye Records in November 1965, eight months after her debut, but was not as commercially successful although her singles were still selling well. Since the release of the Sandie album, Shaw had gained another three UK Top 10 hits - "I'll Stop at Nothing," the number one "Long Live Love" and "Message Understood," all of which had been written by Chris Andrews. As with the previous album, Me contained a mixture of Andrews-penned material and cover versions of songs by other artists,
as well as a track written by Shaw herself. However the balance of original and remade material was different this time half of the twelve tracks were written by Andrews, as opposed to the third on Sandie, one track by Shaw, and five songs by other artists.
Me was later re-issued as a package with Sandie on CD in the 1990s on the RPM label, and then again in digitally remastered format by EMI in 2005 with bonus French versions of "Down Dismal Ways" and "Too Bad You Don't Want Me." Tracks 1-12: Originally on the "Sandie" LP - Tracks 13-24: Originally on the "Me" LP

Product details
Audio CD
Genre: Pop Rock, Vocal
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Digipak
Label: Salvo
Condition: New
Price: £10
P&P: Free

cd cover


Track List
01 - Everybody Loves A Lover
02 - Gotta See My Baby Everyday
03 - Love Letters
04 - Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself
05 - Always
06 - Don't Be That Way
07 - It's In His Kiss
08 - Downtown
09 - You Won't Forget Me
10 - Lemon Tree
11 - Baby, I Need Your Loving
12 - Talk About Love

BONUS TRACKS (Singles and B-sides)
13 - You Don't Love Me No More
14 - You Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'
15 - Down Dismal Ways
16 - Oh No He Don't
17 - When I Was A Child
18 - Do You Mind?
19 - How Glad I Am
20 - I Know
21 - Till The Night Begins To Die
22 - Too Bad You Don't Want Me
23 - One Day
24 - When I Fall In Love
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