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Chaotic Dischord - F**k Religion, F**k Politics, F**k the Lot of You !

Chaotic Dischord's brand of punk was aimed at shocking and insulting whoever they could, with one reviewer claiming that the band's aim was to use the word "fuck" more often than any other band before or after. The band had several hits on the UK Indie Chart, and were received positively by many critics. United States hardcore punk fanzine Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, unaware of the band's true identity, gave the band several positive reviews despite a dislike for Vice Squad. Attila The Stockbroker, writing for Sounds under the pseudonym John Opposition gave their Fuck Religion... album 5 stars.

FORMAT: Vinyl Record
GENRE: Punk Rock
LABEL: Radiation
COUNTRY: England
PRICE: £15 + Postage

vinyl record cover

Track Listings
1. F**k Religion, F**k Politics, F**k the Lot of You!
2. Punk Aggression
3. City Claustrophobia
4. Boy Bill
5. Wild Mohicans (For Wattie)
6. S.O.A.H.C
7. Sound of Music
8. Cider 'N' Dogs
9. Destroy Peace 'N' Freedom
10. Boring Bastards
11. Shadow
12. Anti - Christ
13. '77 in '82 (Whats It Got to Do With You?)

14. And There Wuz Cows
15. Alternative Culture
16. Loud, Tuneless 'N' Thick (Ugly's Too Good for You)
17. Great Rock & Roll Swindle
18. Don't Throw It All Away
19. Stab Your Back
20. Sausage, Beans & Chips
21. Who Killed ET? (I Killed the F**ker!)
22. 22 Hole Doc. Martens
23. Anarchy in Woolworths
24. Batcave Benders Meet the Alien Durex Machine

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