Bootlegs Guide

There is endless music bootlegs around the world, some have good sound recording, some don't ! This Bootlegs guide is an extensive library of the best bootleg sound recorded on Vinyl & CD.
The official & update bootleg collectors guide available here in .pdf format.
Last Review: 22/11/2016

This music guide was compiled with the information of record collectors, music traders, websites, music stores and underground music labels around the world. The guide first edition offer 2000 + unofficial recordings with cover thumbnail, recording date, bootleg sound quality and info. First edition 2016 - 2017.

The Bootleg Collectors Guide Features
* Bootleg covers
* Name of the bootleg
* Year of recording
* Vinyl or CD
* Dynamic menu A to Z at the end of each page to navigate the book
* Artists in alphabetic order by the first name
* Last updated version
* 8.03MB
* PDF Download

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