Sunday, 27 November 2016

Bootleg collectors Guide reviewed

After consecutive re-uploads and updates, the first bootleg collectors guide 2016 / 2017, Is now available at Festival Trade for download as .pdf file.
The guide was been only available on Amazon and I recommend download in .pdf........ Why ?

This guide took years to archive the data necessary and nearly one year to put the guide together. After  ready, the guide was first uploaded at Smashwords distribution. Unfortunately the system they use to transfer the files in .epub file do not accept tables ______________ The guide was build in tables and the guide was rejected !

I upload the Guide in Amazon and that was ok. The updated version is now available exclusive from Amazon but they dont do distribution.

After this, I review the Guide, create a new one without tables and upload again at Smashwords.
The Smashwords .epub system rejected again the guide as the images need to be formate and the text can not stay in the same place were the cover images are.

I decide to leave the Smashwords Guide version until I can find a way to create the Guide with the guidelines of the .epub publishing ! The Bootleg Collectors Guide is now on Amazon and here Bootleg Collectors Guide Page

I recommend downloading the .PDF version. Its easy to navigate the guide. Epub is not the best for this guide because is a reading system only. The Bootleg Collectors Guide have many images from bootleg covers and have an interactive menu. This Guide looks like a database of information from the best live recorded bootlegs. Bootleg sound quality is the reason for this guide. It show the recording rate of each bootleg from zero to ten 0/10. Most of the bootlegs show in this guide are between 8/10 & 10/10 sound quality in vinyl or cd.

A really good guide for people who like to know the sound quality of bootlegs. No price for bootlegs.
The Bootleg Collectors Guide - Download