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Festival Trade 2019

Welcome to Festival Trade 2019

After consecutive years trading in markets, we are now happy to announce our presence online !
We have create a couple of online shops at Google and Etsy:
You can still find us in some markets but with a new online shop, will be easy to contact us and place your orders everywhere in the world.
During this first months - January/ February, festival trade will be trading only in two markets. 
* Cirencester Market - Fridays
* Highworth Market - Saturdays
Upcoming markets will be updated soon but for now we are working online to expand our business.
Our website is in maintenance and will be turn into an online shop too. 
For more updated visit our face book page.
Happy 2019 to all our regulars, costumers and friends !

Bands from around the world Quiz

Bands around the world

Bands from around the world quiz.
From which country did these bands come from ?

  1. AC/DC

  2. Sweden

  3. Daft Punk

  4. France

  5. Arcade Fire

  6. Canada

  7. Scorpions

  8. Germany

  9. ABBA

  10. Sweden

  11. Crowded House

  12. Norway

  13. Boomtown Rats

  14. Finland
    Republic of Ireland

  15. Focus

  16. Netherlands

  17. A-Ha

  18. Australia

  19. The Rasmus

  20. Finland

Festival Trade 2018

Very Happy 2018 to all our costumers  

Festival Trade start big this year ! Website update, new web shop, Art on vinyl, revamp of our market stall and lots of new stock on vinyl and CD. More still to come but this is only the beginning... 

Visut our new online shop on facebook. There you can buy Art on vinyl

  New website page to display all vinyl available

Follow us on facebook

Or visit our Stall @
Newbury Market ------------ Thursday
Stroud Shambles Market - Friday
Highworth Market ----------- Saturday

Bootleg collectors Guide reviewed

After consecutive re-uploads and updates, the first bootleg collectors guide 2016 / 2017, Is now available  for download as .pdf file.
The guide was been only available on Amazon and I recommend download in .pdf.

This took years to archive the necessary data to put this guide together.
The Guide it was upload on Amazon and available . The this version is exclusive from Amazon,

I decide to leave the Smashwords Guide version until I can find a way to create the Guide with the guidelines of the .epub publishing ! The Bootleg Collectors Guide is now on Amazon and here Bootleg Collectors Guide Page

I recommend downloading the .PDF version. Its easy to navigate the guide. Epub is not the best for this guide but still can be used. This Guide looks like a database of information from the best live recorded bootlegs. Bootleg sound quality is the reason for this guide. It show the recording rate of each bootleg from zero to ten 0/10. Most of the bootlegs show in this guide are between 8/10 & 10/10 sound quality in vinyl or cd.

A really good guide for people who like to know the sound quality of bootlegs. No price for bootlegs.
The Bootleg Collectors Guide - Download

Cream Quiz

  1. What is the name of the three musicians who made up the band ?

  2. Eric, Jack,Ginger

  3. What was the title of the bands first debut album in 1967 ?

  4. Disraeli Gears
    Fresh Cream
    Ice Cream

  5. which single release in in 1968 was used as the theme tune for the film "The savage seven" ?

  6. Wheels of Fire
    Sunshine of Your Love
    Anyone for tennis

  7. what was the title of the double album released by the band in 1968 ?

  8. Disraeli Gears
    Wheels of Fire

  9. Which London venue did the band play their last two farewell concerts ?

  10. The Royal Albert Hall

  11. What the name of the band Eric Clapton & Ginger Baker form after The Cream Split ?

  12. Faith no more
    Blind Faith
    The Yardbirds

  13. What was the name of the last album in studio released by the Cream in 1969 ?

  14. Wheels of Fire
    Fresh Cream

  15. which country are the Cream Originally ?

  16. London

  17. How many official albums the Cream released ?

  18. 3

  19. Which band was Eric Clapton on, before the Cream ?

  20. The Yardbirds
    Deep Purple

Cat Steven Quiz

  1. What was Cart Stevens first UK top ten single ?

  2. Tea for the Tillerman
    Matthew and son
    Catch Bull at Four

  3. Which ex-Yardbird member produced Cat Stevens album "Mona Bone Jakon" ? ?

  4. James Morrison
    Engelbert Humperdinck
    Paul Samwell Smith

  5. Which album from 1971 Cat Stevens had produce a short animation to go with ?

  6. Teaser and the firecat
    Peace Train

  7. Who play piano on Cat Stevens hit "Morning has broken" ?

  8. Richard clayderman
    Jon Lord
    Rick Wakman

  9. Which Cat Stevens song did Rod Stewart have a hit with with in 1977 ?

  10. Foreigner
    First cut is the deepest

  11. What did Cat Stevens change his name to in 1977 ?

  12. Yusef Islam
    Steve Adams
    Steven Demetre Georgiou

  13. Who had a hit cover version of Cat Stevens "Wild World" in 1988 ?

  14. Rod Stewart
    Maxi Prist

  15. Wich Boyzone hit single was a cover version of a Cat Stevens song ?

  16. I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun
    Father and son
    Matthew and Son

  17. What is the name of the first album of Cat Stevens ?

  18. Tea for the Tillerman
    Mona Bone Jakon
    Matthew and Son

  19. What nationality is Cat Stevens ?

  20. America

Festival Trade @ Victorian Day Chipping Sodbury 2016

Festival Trade will make part of this amazing event on 03/12/2016 in Chipping Sodbury.

 Victorian Day Chipping Sodbury 2016

Every year in the first week of December, The Chipping Sodbury Victorian Day heralds the arrival of Christmas in the town.
Chipping Sodbury Victorian Day

As if by magic, Chipping Sodbury is transformed into a wonderland of delights.

The High Street and Broad Street are filled with Side-Shows, a Helter-Skelter, a Big Wheel, Steam Engines, Fair-Ground Organs, Father Christmas and even roasting chestnuts!
The event launches with school choirs performing in the street, followed by entertainers on two stages.
A snow machines guarantees the Winter atmosphere, and Father Christmas in his sleigh parades through the town headed by a Scottish piper.
The streets are lined with stalls from local charities and organizations, and many people dress up in Victorian costume to enhance the atmosphere.

Facebook event

Festival Trade Markets 2016

Festival Trade Music prices reduction

Festival Trade big price reduction only this week.
From 14th/9 to 17th/9 massive price reduction to Festival Trade costumers. 

Come around and grab that rare CD or Vinyl for a bargain.


Trowbridge Market
Oxford Market
Chippenham Market

More Markets to coming soon...

The Bootleg Collectors Guide

First edition 2016 / 2017
The bootleg collectors guide. On this book I gather up to 2.000 unofficial releases on cd and vinyl. As you know bootlegs are not official releases but this become a very interesting market for collectors.
Recommended download for better view in .pdf

Bootlegs can not be sold. It is illegal to sell bootlegs but they can be freely shared with other people. Some underground labels had made a business out of this as many collectors will be aiming to pay some good money for records. In this bootlegs guide the releases are not priced, this is only to give information on what is out there and some other information like, year, venue, cd / Vinyl and Recording quality of each bootleg.
Published on Amazon Kindle  
Artist name - Releases name - Release date - Release sound quality - thumbnail of the individual bootleg cover.

Enjoy !

Bruce Springsteen Quiz

  1. What was the name of the band formed in 1973 to support Bruce Springsteen ?

  2. The Sessions Band
    The E street band
    The Steel Mill

  3. Who made a cover version of Bruce Springsteen "Blinded by the light" in 1977 ?

  4. Manfred Manns Earth Band
    Brian Adams
    Julian Coope

  5. "Born to Run" was a track credited as a tribute to ?

  6. Peter Green
    Phil Spector
    phil collins

  7. What was the title of Bruce Springsteen 1980 album ?

  8. Born in the U.S.A.
    The river

  9. In 1985 which charity single did Bruce Springsteen contribute as lead singer ?

  10. Sun City
    Human Touch
    Streets of Philadelphia

  11. What was the title of 1985 Christmas Hit ?

  12. jingle bells
    Santa Claus come to town
    The Christmas Song

  13. For which 1994 film did Bruce Springsteen record the theme song ?

  14. Glory Days
    Born in the U.S.A.

  15. Which BRIT award did Bruce Springsteen win in 1986 ?

  16. Best Rock Album
    Best International Artist
    Best Male Rock Vocal Performance

  17. What is Bruce Springsteen nick name ?

  18. The boss
    The king
    The rocker

  19. Who did Bruce Springsteen appear on stage with at Philadelphia concert ?

  20. U2
    Brian Adams
    Nick Cave

Bob Dylan Quiz

  1. Which year was Bob Dylan born ?

  2. 1952

  3. What was Bob Dylan name given when was born ?

  4. Roger willbet
    Robert Allen
    Ray smith

  5. What was the title of Bob Dylan's first album ?

  6. Another Side of Bob Dylan
    The freewheeling Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan

  7. What was the title of the film made during Bob Dylan's 1965 tour ?

  8. Dont look back
    No Direction Home
    I'm Not There

  9. Which album opened with the song "Subterranean Homesick Blues" ?

  10. Highway 61 Revisited
    Bringing it all back home
    Another Side of Bob Dylan

  11. Which original album featured the 6 minutes long Hit "Like a Rolling Stone" ?

  12. Blonde on Blonde
    Nashville Skyline
    Highway 61 Revisited

  13. Which album featured the UK Hit single "One of us must know?" ?

  14. New Morning
    Blonde on Blonde
    Self Portrait

  15. Where is Bob Dylan originally from ?

  16. South Africa

  17. What accident caused Bob Dylan to withdraw from public in 1966 ?

  18. Bike accident
    Car accident
    Motorbike accident

  19. Which band made an electric cover of the song "Mr. Tambourine Man" ?

  20. The Byrds
    The Kinks
    The Rolling Stones

Blur Quiz

  1. By what name were Blur originally known ?

  2. The pistons
    Blurry images

  3. In 1990 Blur released their debut single, what was the name ?

  4. Shes so high
    Girls & Boys

  5. Where did Blur get the title for their 1993 album "Modern life is rubbish" ?

  6. From a movie
    From a graffiti wall in London
    From a music

  7. In 1994 Blur presented and edition of which TV show ?

  8. MTV
    Top of the pops
    Now music TV

  9. In 1995 Blur own a record amount of BRIT awards, how many ?

  10. 6

  11. Which1996 film featured a solo track from Damon Albarn ?

  12. Transportting
    Cowboy Song
    The untouchable

  13. What is the title of Blur 1999 album ?

  14. Parklife

  15. Who did Blur share an Ivor Novello songwriting award with ?

  16. Squeeze
    Depeche Mode

  17. In which year the band was formed ?

  18. choice1

  19. Which of this bands have influenced Blur ?

  20. XTC
    The Kinks
    The Beatles

Black Sabbath Quiz

  1. What the name of the band play under, until they changed to Black Sabbath in 1969 ?

  2. The Crowds
    Polka Tulk

  3. What do the initials N.I.B stand for, from a song off their debut album ?

  4. No Immortal Being
    Nativity in Black
    Never I Be

  5. What was the title of Black Sabbath secound album ?

  6. Paranoid
    Black Sabbath
    Master of Reality

  7. Which keyboard player guested on the album "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" ?

  8. Jon Lord
    Rick Wakeman
    George Duke

  9. What was the title of the band's 1976 compilation double album ?

  10. Never Say Die!
    Vol. 4
    We sold our souls to rock & roll

  11. Which member of the band quit in 1976 and rejoin in 1978 ?

  12. Geezer Butler
    Ozzy Osbourn
    Bill Ward

  13. Which band did Ozzy Osbourn go on in 1979 ?

  14. Blizzard of Oz
    Wizard of Oz

  15. Which vocalist replaced Ozzy Osbourn ?

  16. Ronnie James Dio
    Ian Guilan
    Roger Daltrey

  17. What was the title of the first album produced by the new line up in 1980 ?

  18. Born Again
    Heaven & Hell
    Headless Cross

  19. For which event in 1995 did the original line up reform for a night only ?

  20. Band Aid
    The Live Aid

Alanis Morissette Quiz

  1. Alanis recorded her first single at what age ?

  2. 25

  3. in 1984 Alanis was given an acting part in which cable show ?

  4. Highway to Heaven
    Hill Street Blues
    You can't do that on television

  5. In 1985 Alanis made her debut on UK chart with which single ?

  6. Walk Away
    You oughta know
    Too Hot

  7. What was Alanis first UK Top Ten Hit ?

  8. Head over feet
    You learn
    Thank U

  9. Which to members of Red Hot Chilly peppers featured on "You oughta know" ?

  10. Flea & Dave Navarro
    Anthony Kiedis & Chad Smith
    Chad Smith & John Frusciante

  11. In 1995 Alanis became the first Canadian female artist to archive what ?

  12. A No. 1 Album in UK
    A No. 1 Album in US

  13. Which sport did Alanis compete in 1997 ?

  14. Darts

  15. Which Alanis track featured on the sound track of City of Angels ?

  16. Ironic
    Hands clean

  17. In 1998 who did Alanis duet with on "Drift Away" ?

  18. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
    Mike Jagger (Rolling Stones)
    George Michael (Wham)

  19. Which record label did Alanis sign with in 1995 ?

  20. E.M.I

Bad Company Quiz

Bad Company Quiz

  1. What is the name of the first debut release in 1974 ?

  2. Straight Shooter
    Bad company
    Run with the Pack

  3. Where did the band take their name from ?

  4. The title of a song
    The title of a movie
    The title of a book

  5. Where did the band support The Who in concert ?

  6. Manchester
    Charlton Athletic

  7. Which member left the band in 1982 ?

  8. Paul Rogers
    Boz Burrell
    Mick Ralphs

  9. What was the title of the bands released in 1982 after a three year break ?

  10. Fame and Fortune
    Desolation Angels
    Rough diamonds

  11. What is the name of Mick Ralphs solo album in 1985 ?

  12. It's all good
    That's life
    Take this

  13. What is the name of the song by Simon Kirke & Larry Dvosk from the album "Here comes trouble" ?

  14. Both Feet in the Water
    My Only One
    Little Angel

  15. Which album of the band has been certified five times platinum ?

  16. Run With The Pack
    Rough Diamonds
    Bad Company

  17. Which is the name of the eighth studio album of the band from 1988 ?

  18. Dangerous Age
    Holy Water
    Here Comes Trouble

  19. Which live album of the band has Brian Howe as lead vocalist ?

  20. What You Hear Is What You Get: The Best of Bad Company
    Live in Albuquerque 1976
    Live at Wembley

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